Stirling Castle is a short walk from Georgian House, and is similar to Edinburgh Castle in that it was built on an outcrop of volcanic rock. It has commanding views over the Forth Valley and is open daily to visitors.

The Wallace Monument, which is a short drive across the river Forth, was erected in honour of William Wallace as portrayed in the film Braveheart. (Wallace Monument images courtesy

Just a few minutes walk from Georgian House is the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, which is open to the public free of charge. It offers great insight into Stirling's rich history and houses the Worlds Oldest Football, which was discovered in Stirling Castle. It was found in the roof beam of the Queen's Bed Chambers. Scientists have carbon-dated it to 1566.

The Stirling Smith also boasts the oldest curling stone in the world, dating back to 1511.

Art Exhibitions are held throughout the year, and in 2009 there was an outstanding exhibition of selected drawings by Michelangelo.

The Albert Halls in Stirling are literally "round the corner", as is the Tourist Information Office.

The Albert Halls have a very lively programme of events and entertainment throughout the year and regularly hold antique fairs.